litigation practice

Legal practice Kalinin & Partners lawyers provide protection of corporate and private clients’ interests at all stages of legal procedure on the following major directions:

– Corporate disputes.

Disputes, directly connected with interests of economic society, its’ participants or administrating authorities differ from more common adversary proceeding by a number of peculiarities, which require knowledge of not only special procedural-legal norms, but also of peculiarities of corporate law.

Number of projects, successfully realized by lawyers of the Kalinin & Partners company, includes cases, connected with issuance of securities, disputes on claims from founders (participants) of a legal body on reparation, disputes on the agency of administration’s   decisions of the last, etc.

– Economic disputes.

Active economic activity of a legal body is connected with a wide variety of threats, resulting from signing, changing or termination of contracts and completion of obligations on them. Violation of obligations by one or more participants of the deal often leads to legal disputes, connected with debt enforcement, protection of honor, dignity and business reputation, etc.

Kalinin & Partners have both experience in the protection of clients’ interest on the mentioned above types of disputes and unique experience of loss reparation, based on the legal relation between recipient of grant and budget holders.

– Land disputes.

Every dispute, related to a land property, its’ borders, price or ownership rights may lead to a legal procedure, the participants of which, as a rule, are both private and legal bodies, including state organs.

Kalinin & Partners provide services on the support of such common disputes, as servitude determination, determination of the land property usage, disputes on its’ borders, etc.

– Administrative disputes.

Administrative disputes are considered to be ones among the most complex, as they are related to contraventions, connected with the administrative rights and obligations of the conflict’s participants and are based on the overbearing nature of the last.

Kalinin & Partners’ lawyers represent the clients’ interests on administrative disputes in the industrial sphere, including environment protection, power industry, construction, etc.

– Special disputes on bankruptcy cases.

Individuals, related to the bankruptcy cases or arbitral process on the bankruptcy case, are often act as participants of so-called special disputes (disputes, restrained with a strictly defined number of bodies and subject of legal process).

Kalinin & Partners team has huge clients’ interests’ protection experience in the process of claim consideration on bringing the bodies, controlling the debtor, to responsibility, challenging debtors’ deals and other types of special disputes.