Experience of Kalinin & Partners lawyers in the sphere of bankruptcy cases of various debtor categories, both from the side of concourse creditors and debtors, founders (participants) of the latter or insolvency officers, has special place in company’s work.

Judicial acts, attained on the results of consideration of selected disputes and episodes, related to bankruptcy cases, became the basis of the forming legal practice. Kalinin & Partners’ lawyers were one of the first in Russian Federation to realize a set of protection measures, applied to interests of a single founder (participant) of a debtor in the process of business entity’s bankruptcy, having proved at the level of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation that, against imperative claims of the Law, different representatives of different  founders (participants) of the debtor are allowed to participate in the arbitral procedure on the case of bankruptcy, held in the state of corporate conflict, and such participation does not form plurality of persons.

Furthermore, Kalinin & Partners team represents clients’ interests within special disputes on bankruptcy cases.

Individuals, related to the bankruptcy cases or arbitral process on the bankruptcy case, are often act as participants of so-called special disputes (disputes, restrained with a strictly defined number of bodies and subject of legal process).

Kalinin & Partners’ team has huge clients’ interests’ protection experience in the process of claim consideration on bringing the bodies, controlling the debtor, to responsibility, challenging debtors’ deals and other types of special disputes.